Virtual Reality is in constant evolution and the entertainment and simulation platforms making use of it are growing more and more.
It is looking up to driving simulation in Virtual Reality, Stilo created ST5 VR, a real helmet for a complete experience, the most immersive and realistic of all times.
Designed to host Oculus Rift, ST5 VR allows weights to be balanced so to allow the driver not to feel the visor itself, that is now integrated into the helmet shell; by forgetting you wear it, you will therefore be ready for the most immersive driving simulation.
You will naturally move as if you are wearing a racing helmet inside the cockpit of your car!
Oculus can easily be fitted in the helmet and with no modification whatsoever to the visor itself.


Size: S/M and L/XL

Colour: White


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Product Description

what are you waiting for?

Wear your balaclava, put your helmet on and get down to the racetrack for the most real and immersive
drive simulation ever experienced before!

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How to mount the Oculus
on ST5VR helmet

1 Turn the helmet upside down and remove right and left cheek pads, chin pad and top foam.

2 Take Oculus and slide its wiring inside the helmet from the visor hole. Speakers must be inside the helmet.

3 Adjust the position of central and side stripes, fixing them with the Velcro top foam. Adjust the side Oculus side stripes making sure it’s free to slightly move back and forth.

4 Insert right and left cheekpads in the helmet making sure chin straps slide in the pads’ holes and that speakers are inside the helmet. Put the chin pad back in place.

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