• Digital active noise cancellation with SDA filter
  • Separate main intercom box which can be positioned under the seats to offer a lower center of gravity
  • Remote control panel
  • GSM module integrated into the intercom box with a SIM card slot
  • Camera and radio connections


Including three parts

  • main unit with GSM module integrated
  • remote control panel
  • external aerial



Main unit with GSM module integrated and telephone external Aerial.
– SIM card slot
– Radio in – level adjust
– Radio out – level adjust
– Camera – level adjust



– Select 3 pre set telephone numbers
– End a call from the GSM module integrated into the main box
– Driver and co-driver volume control
– Backlit keyboard for easy viewing at night
– Ergonomics delivering positive non slip operation
– Switch: Activate the emergency backup intercom
– Ring telephone number selected from the GSM module integrated into the main box
– Numeric digit display for definitive operation and accurate settings, even at night
– EQ: Selection on 3 voice audio quality: standard, high-pitch, low pitch
– Stage/Road: Stage mode camera on, radio and telephone off. Road mode camera off, radio and telephone on. Noise cancellation with simplified functions



Why Digital? The next generation of Stilo digital intercoms offers a dramatic step forward with its active digital noise cancelling. Digital, unlike the limited capabilities of old analog intercoms, has the capability of active digital noise cancelling, which in a millisecond can separate the vitally important sound of the drivers voices from the excessive bad noises of the engine, transmissions and road surface and filter these right down while improving the more important sound of the communications between driver and co-driver. A whole new world in rally sport communications is now available from Stilo.





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