Among the drivers that in 2017 raced in the various GT categories, one name popped up again, that of the Swiss champion Franco Nespoli,... LOTUS CUP. NESPOLI IS NOW A 2 TIME LOTUS CUP CHAMPION

Among the drivers that in 2017 raced in the various GT categories, one name popped up again, that of the Swiss champion Franco Nespoli, the Lotus Cup Italia champion for the second time.

Franco, having competed for several years in rallying, started road circuit racing but not in the car, starting with karting, picking up several successes in the sport. He then returned car racing competing in the Seat Trophy. In the Seat Championship, the Ticinese driver was always among the frontrunners, finishing the championship in the top. 3. In 2014 the move to the Lotus Cup Italy Championship, with the spectacular GT Lotus Elise, Nespoli was among the title contenders. In fact, in 2015, the first overall title came, followed by the second laurel, in just this season alone. The car with which Franco participates in the championship is run by the Cipriani Motorsport team, a very professional outfit in which Franco feels particularly at ease. The Stilo driver’s season ended with a good third place at the 2-hour race at Vallelunga which rounded out the 2017 in a perfect way.

With Lotus you have found a perfect feeling. It’s a GT that you can make the most of it.
“The car is a nice car that requires an adequate budget but is especially fun, above all else, and is one whereby you can search for the car’s limits. Obviously to race at the front requires some commitment and a thorough knowledge of the Elise.  

When I raced with the Seat I often enjoyed podium results and even wins. Staying at the top of racing provided a great deal of satisfaction.  Two Lotus Cup Italia championships are not easy to win. After the first laurel, your rivals regarded you as something of a reference and so it was not easy to repeat the feat?
“I’m proud of winning 2 championships with Lotus. Because winning is difficult, but repeating it is even more so. In the Lotus Cup the opponents are of the highest level and this makes me proud of the results I obtained. A result like the one we got gave us some light. It showed it was possible to gain credibility in the environment. “

In addition to very good rivals you have raced with a car that is subject to continuous development by the organizer.
“There is a progressive development that advances the car over time. They are not an end to themselves, aiming at increasing costs, but are aimed at making the technical package more and more competitive. “

Your car has special colors.
“My Lotus has some sought-after colors, recalling the Lotus of the Golden Age of F1, when Clark ran with the intense red and the golden snout. This year we will make a further ‘chromatic’ development. I also use number 11 when possible. It is the number that has accompanied me in my career already from karting, and which.”

2018 is at the door.  Can you do the triple?
“After the two successes it will be even harder to make three. Even though there are is not campaign 100% locked in at the moment, we would like to stay in the Lotus and re-join the group of those who race. “

Do you want to close by thanking a special partner?
“Thank you Niinivirta Spa, a freight forwarding company of all types, whether it be aircraft, shipping or by road. With thanks to my sponsor we went to race with the Lotus also in the USA last season.” 

You are a loyal user of Stilo products. What did this love come from?
“I am now using my fifth Stilo helmet. I know the models ST4, ST5GT and also the rally DES model, I have all the ZERO models. So I’m quite a connoisseur of the Stilo helmet. The choice was born because I just walked in, I felt comfortable, as if I had always had it, is comfortable and I found a perfect feeling. Also the assistance is amazing and for that I have always stayed with the Stilo brand. They made me feel like a top driver.”

For the next championship, do you have something in store for your Stilo?
“I have a surprise that I will show off in 2018 and I do not know whether to reveal …. I would like to do something commemorative. A helmet that with colors and graphics that represents my greatest victories. I would like to satisfy this whim and this is my idea at the moment. We’ll wait and see.”

You have also recommended the Stilo to your fellow drivers.
“Yes, I sent my partner directly to Stilo and they gave him great help, as always, as the company has been doing for years.”

Photos by Actualfoto – Lotus Cup Italia media